Zssh Rebrand Idea: gh0sh (Ghost/Zero Shell)

Hey there!

Jon here, and I'm super excited to share an idea with you. I've been brainstorming ways to rebrand the zssh project and I think I've hit the jackpot! I'd love for you to check my pitch and let me know your thoughts. Your opinion means a lot to me, and maybe we can even work on this together!

Here's the presentation of my pitch. Thanks for taking the time to check it out!

New name: gh0sh (pronounced g-ō-SH)

The idea behind it...

  1. Ghost Shell (gh-o-sh) = signifies a completely dark connection (fully invisible like a ghost)
  2. Zero Shell (-0sh) = signifies zero trust secured shell
  3. Big O/0 can represent Open Source


Take the openSSH Blowfish and draw a sheet ghost costume over it:
Reason: it is familiar to developers and puts a ghost spin on it making it more than secure (invisible).
Also, it could be cool for a Halloween-themed project. Ghost Ziggy can also make an appearance.

Potential Plan

  1. Work on graphic design for the mascot
  2. Design a cool micro web page for “release” (React?)
  3. Change the name and code in the repo to gh0sh
  4. (Pre) Halloween Release
  5. Hope for more open source attention to improve capabilities

Please let me know what you think, and if you would like to help out!


Hi Jon

Welcome (BACK) to the community and to OpenZiti! It's been a minute! I think this is a super interesting, and cool idea! I love the logo idea too.

Sounds pretty interesting to me!

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Great idea and nicely done!!

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Spitballing... We don't need to change the binary/repo. I think just a simple 'alias' would do the trick for now until the idea takes off... :slight_smile:
Also, a thought on the name. Since "go-SH" sounds a bit like "gauche" you could perhaps use gh0zt and play on "zt" for "ziti" and "zero trust".


Great Idea! gh0zt is also a great name. Looks very cool. Could possibly try gh0zh to keep the sh (shell) aspect in the name.

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gh0shzt? lol probably too hard to spell... I will look forward to whatever you come up with. :slight_smile: sounds like a fun blog and a good conference talk for "someone" too! :slight_smile:

@TheLumberjack Say I create a microsite for gh0Sh/gh0zt before Friday, would a ZitiTV Halloween special be possible on Friday?

Uh. I don't have anything planned at this moment in particular. I don't know what the overall theme / vibe would be. If you have an outline/overview of what it would look like, could you shoot me a DM here on discourse and we can banter back and forth and see what comes of it?

tl;dr; maybe, shoot me a plan and we'll see? :slight_smile:

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@TheLumberjack do you know where the zssh article went?

@jeremy.tellier I am currently working on a microsite for this idea based on the work and openziti.io page. Could we get your help and maybe the Zrok site source code for reference?

@TheLumberjack I will try to shoot you an episode plan by the end of the day along with material

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This https://github.com/openziti/zrok/tree/main/website ?

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Screen Shot 2023-11-02 at 3.04.26 PM

@TheLumberjack @jeremy.tellier This is all I see there looks like you use Algolia Crawler

The docusaurus file references ../docs so that the markdown found in the docs folder are rendered into the static site.

The Algolia crawler provides the search capability from the docs section:

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@TheLumberjack so what framework is rendering the page? And how is it hosted? GitHub Pages?

It uses docusaurs. https://docusaurus.io/

It's hosted by GitHub pages currently

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Got it thank you @TheLumberjack

I like zssh and zscp. It's for me easy to remeber.

@Metz, I don't think we'd eliminate zssh/zscp, we'd just have a small vanity site type of thing that points over to zssh/zscp as a fun thing. From a timing perspective, it'd be fun to do around the "halloween" season which we missed for this year :slight_smile:

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