Add Command Line Argument to run zrok in the background

Is there any Command Line Argument to run zrok in the background. When I close the terminal window , zrok closes

Hey @sbansal793, Sure, are you running it on Linux or macOS or WSL2?

Those support Unix norms like backgrounding a process with &. You must use zrok's --headless flag when you're disconnecting the "head" a.k.a. terminal.

Here's an example for running a reserved share in the background.

nohup zrok share reserved $ZROK_RESERVED_TOKEN --headless &> ./zrok.log &

BTW, if you're running on Linux and want a reliable background share that starts automatically after a reboot, then check out the "frontdoor" guide.

The zrok-share Linux package uses a separate zrok environment for the background service so it's not dependent on a specific login user's environment, and keeps it always on in the background even after a reboot.

Thanks for the help @qrkourier. I am running it on Ubuntu Digital ocean droplet. I will look into this zrok-share. The frontdoor guide you mentioned is not opening.

PS: I am really liking this community. Once again thanks for the help

@sbansal793 Quick troubleshooting on that page crash. I saw this happen due to a browser cache issue. Will you please try in an incognito/private tab?

Hi @qrkourier . On Icognito, first the page loaded then it crashed after 1 second.

Thank you for that report! Does this fix the page?

@qrkourier Now it is working perfectly. Thanks for the help.

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