Zrok in Docker - How do I get a token?


I'm trying to follow this : Docker Public Share | Zrok

But at step 4, how do I get an enable token ? I can't start zrok-enable as I don't have a token. I can't find how to get it. I want to use zrok.io SaaS, as I'm looking to expose my home services on the internet on a router that doesn't allow firewall rules.

Could someone help me ?

Thanks in advance for any answer.

Hi @SaladCesar, welcome to the community, OpenZiti and zrok!

I saw your post over in reddit (assuming it was you) and replied there before finding this one.

I saw you had a follow up question there too. I'll try to answer over on reddit. Usually this forum gets more activitiy than reddit at the moment, I just happened to be on reddit to see your message come in. Anyway, I'll try to follow up there...