Collaboration on Japan/Korea project

I am currently exploring OpenZiti and discerning a significant market potential in Japan and Korea for a service that facilitates the setup of Ziti networks, integrates the SDK when required, and provides ongoing support in English, Japanese, and Korean. Additionally, offering localized documentation online and engaging in local sales activities could be a part of this service.

Recently, I penned an article on LinkedIn elaborating on the synergies between OpenZiti and NVIDIA Morpheus: LinkedIn Article.

Ideally, I envision offering NVIDIA Morpheus alongside Ziti to create what I have coined as "Total Trust." This concept is predicated on the belief that the amalgamation of these technologies can assure network users a high level of security most of the time.

Being fluent in Japanese and possessing a functional command of Korean, I am well-equipped to conduct presentations and address inquiries in both languages. My understanding of Ziti is evolving; currently, I am at the stage of running examples locally and on the NetFoundry cloud. However, I am committed to this endeavor and anticipate commencing the translation of websites and documentation come November 2023. The goal is to have these resources available by the end of that month, paving the way for sales activities in December.

The timeline for these milestones is contingent upon finding collaborative partners to whom I can outsource the SDK integration and Ziti network creation tasks. My role would encompass acting as a bridge engineer—translating requirements from Japanese and Korean clients into technical specifications for the overseas development teams, and subsequently crafting or translating documentation from English to Japanese or Korean for customers upon product delivery. This would extend to providing ongoing support as well.

Should you find an interest in this collaborative opportunity, feel free to reach out to me here or on LinkedIn. I appreciate your time and consideration regarding this proposition.

Warm regards,