Has anyone work with the Openziti JAVA SDK with Grizzly?

I would like to use the AsyncHttpClient Grizzly class to consume Dark Services. Has anyone made such integration?

I am using these Grizzly classes:

import com.ning.http.client.*;
import com.ning.http.client.providers.grizzly.GrizzlyAsyncHttpProvider;

Thank u

welcome to OpenZiti forums, @borland_c

as far as I know no one tried to zitify Grizzly AsyncHttpClient yet.

From the first glance at the library it appears to be unmaintained. I am curious why you are interested in it, and if you looked at alternatives – OkHttp, SpringBoot client, etc


Yes. I want to incorporate openziti into this MuleSoft HTTP Connector:

My idea is to extend the connector, and currently it is using Grizzly as part of its libraries to consume HTTP/HTTPs based services.

My objective is to make MuleSoft capable of consuming Dark Services using its current connector. The other alternative is to create a whole new connector, but I think to extend it would be easier.

thank u