OpenZiti File Share

I had this in mind a while ago… while I was still learning what ziti is all about.

One of the detractors was that ziti is focused on the network layer… rather than a file server application… where by that time it all became a bit too hard and put it to the side

Now that I understand more… I realise that its probably not too hard to actually get 85% of a solution… especially if its a static file share… as all you need is a go http server to present the folder structure.

I was looking around for different libraries… and came across this one… so I thought to share.

All you would have to do is to cut and paste the code on how to convert a go http server into a zitified go http server demos … of which is already covered in the demos

Ahh… and there is also this one if you have a NAS drive

You can do it that way, sure. We have lots of people that use samba file shares or windows file shares. If you want to simply share files, that’s an easy, built-in solution. With a tunneler on the ‘server’ for ZTHA access to the file share server it’s pretty straight-forward. Might be worth looking into.

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Samba looks really interesting… one more thing to explore over the break…