OpenZiti Ideas Forum - Apr 07 2023

OpenZiti ideas forum for Apr 07 2023 at 11 AM ET:

As a reminder, the process to discuss a topic is to create a GitHub issue in a repo, add it to this agenda with a very brief description, and we’ll try to discuss it with or without you on the call. The general public is welcome to attend the meeting and you are invited to attend and discuss the issue with us. The meeting is held via a zoom conference.

Here is the google doc. It should be open to the public and able to be edited:

Recording at: Ziti TV - Monthly Forum Mar 03 2023 - YouTube

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@TheLumberjack what time is the forum meeting taking place? I’d like to mark my calendar. :slight_smile:

Thanks Rudford, updated the heading to : “OpenZiti ideas forum for Apr 07 2023 at 11 AM ET:”

As there were no entries for this month, I will be turning this into an “office hours” session. If you have OpenZiti questions or just want to say hi, stop on by!