OpenZiti Ideas Forum - Jan 06, 2023

The OpenZiti ideas forum returns, January 6.

The process will hopefully be low-touch and easy. There will be a google doc shared which is meant to be open to the public and edited. Add your idea to the list and show up on the provided meeting invite link in the doc and we’ll discuss. We’ll start monthly at first and consider having more frequent meetings as needed. We also are considering forming SIGs and each SIG will have a similar style meeting if necessary.

Here’s the link to the first Idea Forum:

Dec 2022’s idea forum can be found from the linked Discourse post

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I have expanded on my points raised… I am not really sure how to deal with the TimeZone issues… as its probably going to be happening around midnight for me… which is a bit late… maybe… its best if you provided some guidance on how best to further progress… that would be very helpful

I think somewhere I had mentioned that I could look to see if we can move the meeting back to accommodate our Oceania community when needed. Would 10pm for you (9 am ET it sounds) work for you? I don’t know if I will be able to move this month’s meeting but I’m sure we could figure something out. I haven’t looked at the ideas for a bit (been enjoying the break). I’ll take a look at what you wrote tomorrow and start to see what can be done about the time.

From memory… the best times are late afternoon your time

4-6pm ET is 8-10am AEST

All ok if the times cannot be changed… as I can watch the recording… which is why I went into a lot of detail re my agenda items :slight_smile:

FYI - I am 2 hours ahead of Markamind, so Markaminds 8-10am is my 10-12pm. Would be nice to move it forward a bit, but then I wont be on each call, or know where the Ziti crew all reside for times.

Also @TheLumberjack, I gather the meetings from now will have a summary of actions from last time? Is there a roadmap of features that is being planned out so we can see where our ideas are falling in a timescale of implementation (if at all)?

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We’ll be working through “the process” for a bit. It’s reasonable to expect that a list of actions should come of this meeting along with some kind of indication of priority. This leads me to a topic I’ll bring up on the call. I think we need to keep the document to a list of issues to be reviewed. It should be a GitHub issue, not data in the agenda. The agenda isn’t the right place for details, I think the issues are. I think the meeting should be a review of the issues on the agenda.

We should open the agenda, click on the linked issue, review the issue, and then if needed people can show up and discuss the issue’s merit and add nuance that might be hard to explain via the GitHub issue alone. Right now we’re not doing that, we’re seeing information added to the doc instead. Having the issue will allow people to watch the issue, comment on it etc.

I don’t think there’s a need for ‘meta-issues’ like that though, so for the discussion around process, a bullet item would be fine. After we discuss, I’ll amend the next month’s document to reflect that issues or point of process items are allowable in the agenda.

I’d like to change this week’s/month’s forum as well in hopes to accommodate you both better. I’d like to move it to one week from Thursday and to 4PM ET. That should be 8:00 and 10:00 for the two Oceania people with agenda items. Please let me know if that works? (or not)

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Great points! - I have added my items as issues now.

What is the date/time you are thinking of exactly. Gets confusing as “we” are a day ahead of your time. So your Thursday will be our Friday. So, you are thinking Thursday 12th January at 4PM ET?

Yes. US east time, Thursday Jan 12th at 4PM ET (most of the OpenZiti team is on US East). That’s your Friday early, I don’t want y’all to have to show up on a Saturday!

works for me also :slight_smile:

PS… not sure if there is an existing zoom link for the meeting… please send through so I can add it to my calendar

i keep it in the doc:

I need to change that date i see :slight_smile:

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