OpenZiti Ideas Forum - May 05, 2023

As a reminder, the process to discuss a topic is to create a GitHub issue in a repo, add it to this agenda with a very brief description, and we’ll try to discuss it with or without you on the call. The general public is welcome to attend the meeting and you are invited to attend and discuss the issue with us. The meeting is held via a zoom conference at 11 AM ET (1500 UTC), the invite link is in the document.

Here is the google doc. It should be open to the public and able to be edited:

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Just wanted to say that even though it does look like support of this has dried up, I like the idea of being able to get into a room with you guys to discuss ideas etc. Have you been able to draw up a backlog list of previous discussions and likely implementation timelines?

Being able to see timelines and ideas implemented might help spur additional discussions?