Setting up Gunicorn Flask app to work with openziti

I'm trying to get my gunicorn flask app working with openziti. Using your examples as reference I have managed to get the same flask app but using waitress to serve the app to work. However ideally I would like to you use gunicorn rather than waitress. However swapping them directly does not seem to work error seen here.

Here are the 2 methods with the ziti decorator using the same binding object. Waitress works but gunicorn does not.

    bind_opts = {
        'ztx': ziti_path('identity.json'),
        'service': 'example-service-name'
    @openziti.zitify(bindings={'': bind_opts})
    def gunicorn_run_zitty(self):  # self is an instance of gunicorn's BaseApplication

    @openziti.zitify(bindings={'': bind_opts})
    def run_waitress_ziti(self):
        from waitress import serve
        print("starting server on OpenZiti overlay")
        serve(self.application, host="", port=5000)

the options currently passed to the gunicorn contructor are

    'bind': ',
    'workers': 4,
    "certfile": cert_path('cert.pem'),
    "keyfile": cert_path('key.pem')

gunicorn is currently running using a self-sign certificate & thus the endpoints running in the flask app require https, however waitress does not support this natively so is running on http.

Thank you for trying it out and entering the issue in Github.

gunicorn processing pattern -- parent + forked workers -- is not currently supported. I hope to get to it soon