The map in ZAC - is it supposed to be interactive?

OK - just got to say it…what is with the map (LOL). Is it supposed to be interactive and show where clients are? Perhaps coloured dots for routers / clients? Scroll and zoom to show where in the world components are, or just static? I live in NZ, and as much as I love America… ( I know - first world problem)

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@jeremy.tellier can add more detail. Right now you can go to individual identities and routers and geotag them and they’ll plot on the map.

We have grand ideas for animations and the like too but, well it just hasn’t been a priority yet. Centering the map roughly on your ip sounds like a nice touch.

Jeremy, anything else to add?

Thanks. That appears to be broken for me. Cannot enter any latitude/longitude in. Doesn’t seem to save it. I tried Auckland, London and Denver GPS coords on an edge router. Having it find automagically the Lat/Long based on the IP Address each device is connecting from would be nice. Esp. seeing travelling people. I would assume you would need to be able to turn that feature off, due to privacy concerns as well!

Identities seems to work fine. Maybe a bug against edge routers.

I’ll get @jeremy.tellier to check ZAC’s map. I can’t pan/zoom either and my edge routers are not showing up. Must be a bug indeed. Can you zoom/pan the map?

No I cannot pan or zoom the map.

I must say… I was having the same thoughts… keen to learn how this is configured

I just pulled the latest, mine pans and zooms fine. If you add a custom tag “geolocation” like the following it will show on the main map and you will see a quick view on each identity.

It does look like the controller is not saving custom tags for routers. You can feed it to identities now, I will try and see where that issue lies and get it taken care of.

I’ll be building and deploying a new ZAC docker container shortly and I’ll test/verify the map works.

Good news @gooseleggs. If you issue a docker-compose pull you should get ZAC 2.3.1 which fixes the pan/zooming.


(@jeremy.tellier can we make that not QUITE so hard to read?)

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Yes map is now pan and zoomable.