ZROK share presents ADMIN TOKEN instead of token corresponding to share


I found some time today to set up a self-hosted ZROK instance.
First of all: Its awesome and was quite straight forward to get working.
I now have the following issue:

When I do a "zrok share public" the window that is opening does not present the URL with the correct token. Instead, the ADMIN_TOKEN is shown. Everything else is working just fine (when I fetch the correct token from the controller logs).

Also this appears to be faulty in the UI:

Any idea what I could havbe messed up here?

Thanks in advance!

I solved it myself. I misunderstood the installation instructions and replaced "{token}" in the

zrok admin update frontend 2NiDTRYUww18 --url-template https://{token}.zrok.quigley.com:443


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