Zrok SaaS limited bandwith

First sorry because English is not my native language.
I use Zrok to connect to Minecraft server at my work PC from home PC. I reached transfer limit for Zrok SaaS and waited 24h. But i can not access it again and it show [ERROR]: unable to access ([POST /access][404] accessNotFound). When I re-enable environment it return error: ⣟ the zrok service returned an error: [POST /enable][401] enableUnauthorized. I created another account and it work again like normal. But when I reach limit I cant not access to this new account again. How can I do to remove the limit access? I dont want to creat another account each time I reach the limit.
Thanks for your service.

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Hey! Thanks for the message...

Just wanted to give you a quick response here. There are some cases (including yours, it looks like) where the limits system is not properly removing the limit once it's applied. The system is supposed to automatically remove the limit without you having to do anything.

In the majority of cases, this is working correctly. There are some cases (that we haven't been able to track down) where this doesn't seem to be operating correctly.

If you have an account that's in a limited state, maybe you could give me the email address (feel free to message me privately) and we can try to see if we can troubleshoot what's going on?

We do have an upcoming zrok release that we plan to put out in the next few weeks that includes a number of fixes and improvements to the limits system, which should hopefully correctly the reliability of this part of the system.


Hi. I messaged you my email's account. Thanks for the reply.

Hey lotr88 - we're taking a look at this now, and we hope to have this sorted out shortly. Will post back once it's resolved.

I've removed the limiter which is preventing the resource creation, but the issue seems to center around the frontend that was in use. You may want to delete and recreate the frontend, environment, or shares that you were working with. Let us know if that resolves the issue for you.

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